Our Mission

Through the use of environmentally-friendly systems and processes, develop breakthrough materials, technologies, and products that promote a brighter future, cleaner planet, and greater quality of life for all.

Who we are

a multifaceted, interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists and engineers – world leaders in academia, industry, and national labs, backed by the pillars of our scientific community – combining our talents to bring to market a series of clean technology breakthroughs that will enable us to more effectively harness and utilize the energy we produce, thereby dramatically reducing our global carbon footprint.

What we aim to solve

As we enter a technological boom and our everyday wireless and mobile electronics needs increases, so does our energy demand. Green power generation cannot keep up with the escalating urgency, while environmental scientists predict we have only 10 years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before our planet’s temperature rises beyond control.

How we plan to solve it

Alongside our fellow American builders and creators. With the people that built the infrastructure we rely on, we are uniting with the best scientists and engineers on the planet. Together, in a robust, agile, and supportive environment, we are accelerating forward to make our impact as we enter the Age of Efficiencies, to preserve the world we live in for generations to come.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the vast opportunity that a waits us, our next steps, how you may enable us to see through on our vision, click here.

Are you a superstar, invigorated to make your impact on the world?

Want to become part of our dynamic team of high pace innovators? Don’t think your resume will get you there? Think again. We know you are out there, and we are keeping a keen eye out for you – the underdogs, the outliers, the stars yet to be born. So if you believe you have a gift that you would like to share with the world, no matter what your skillset, we would love to meet you, and see how we can work together towards a cleaner, brighter future.